Monday, March 30, 2009


Oh my lord. I almost went to sleep. I was going to pack it in. But something wouldn't let me. I put on Tom Waits, and I poured myself another vodka, and I thought about things. And I realized, I didn't write the post I'd been meaning to this whole night..

Ok, I'll direct you to this link of more successful blogger, Hilzoy talking about this ridiculous post from Andrew Klavan of the L.A. Times, again I'm paraphrasing and you NEED to read this stupid shit, but Andrew apparently thinks that Liberals are critiquing poor Rush because we Haven't Been Listening to him. He throws down the intellectual integrity gauntlet. We, us poor uniformed liberals, must put ourselves through the Limbaugh listening experience before subjecting him to any sort of derision. 

Alright. Several people have mocked this column, but I am not so proud that I'm going to avoid fresh meat. Klavan, let me explain something to you. EVERYONE LISTENS TO LIMBAUGH. 

He is part of our cultural fabric. His fat carcass is woven into the very speech that forms the quilt of our social discourse. Not being aware of Limbaugh at this point is like being unaware that the sky is blue, the grass is green, or that you are a fucking moron. It is not possible that we could not know his arguments. When I watch the news I hear him. When a major newscaster misrepresents a major liberal policy position, Limbaugh is there; When a Republican Senator claims with out fear that the privileges of the rich outweigh the poor, Limbaugh is there; When I hear that some product produced by some profit seeking corporation is killing innocents and the corporation is MIRACULOUSLY not to blame, Limbaugh is there; When I hear that Reagan is the only Politician since that Dawn of Fucking Time that did Right or Mattered, Limbaugh is there; When I hear some right-wing hack blame the poor for their own tough fucking luck, Limbaugh is there; when I suffer through some idiots racial rant only to hear him at the end proclaim he is NOT racist, Limbaugh is there; when I here the poor defend the rich in desperate and confirmed hope they will one day be among their number, Limbaugh is there. WHENEVER I hear a Modern Conservative Commentator Spew HIS/HER HATEFUL VENOM TO MILLIONS ON THE FUCKING RADIO I KNOW, LIMBAUGH IS THERE! 

How dare you, Mr. Klavan, suggest I don't know the content of Mr. Limbaugh's show? Limbaugh is everywhere. He is the festering cancerous sore on the ass of America. He is America's Hemorrhoid. He is the voice of America's itching ass-hole. How are we NOT aware of him? How do we ignore him? How? Seriously, how. I would LOVE to ignore this poisonous, cancerous Fuck. Please, enlighten me, Mr. Klavan, apparently I haven't been listening. You fuck.


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