Monday, March 30, 2009

The Sky is so pretty

So, what color is the sky in Bill O'Reilly's world? 

Bill O. had a fascinating interview in Yahoo today. Now, I was going to go through that interview and point out what a self-deluded bulling fuck Bill O. is, but you can read it yourself. If you can't figure out the psychoness, ask me, I'll be happy to help you out. 

But, though I may highlight the interview later, I think I'll focus on Bill O. and his own words from last Friday's column in the NY Post. I don't have a link to this post, unfortunately, so I shouldn't even blog on it, particularly since I just screamed at Ralph Peters, without even reading his Post, but he upset me. But Ralph did say he was down with legalizing Mary-Jane the other day, so he's not ALL evil. Only mostly.

Anyway, Bill's last post in the NY Post was basically restating his belief that, and again, paraphrasing, Fox News and His Show are booming in the ratings because people are scared and they do not trust Obama and his "scary" socialist tactics. 

My response to this, and I really should be linking to things like posts questioning Bill's claim that Fox News ratings are booming. Maybe they are rising, booming is probably the wrong word. Or I could link to posts that Obama's personal approval ratings are Very High. These are easy enough things to find, if you poke around.

However, Bill, this is my theory why your ratings are climbing. You work at Fox, it is a Highly Partisian station, despite your attempts to paint it otherwise, despite your claims at being non-partisan, despite Fox's Ridiculous Fucking claim that they are Fair and Balanced. Your whole station is a fucking shill for the Republican Party. And you know, honestly it wouldn't bother me, except for the fact that y'all that work there work So Fucking Hard at pretending you don't have an agenda. 

Bill, if your ratings are going up, it's because you and people of your ilk (hello, Hannity! hello Limbaugh!) have spent the last decade scaring the pants off a certain segment of the population and now they are turning to your for mother's milk. There is a good quarter of the population that are staunch conservatives and they are now currently all terrified out of their fucking minds. A quarter of 350 million is a big ratings number, and they are all coming to you, Bill. You are their shepherd. Poor bastards. It is NOT an indication of more people believing your ridiculous bullshit, just the people already in your camp are watching more TV because They Scared. And you helped scare them. So, you know, don't break your arm patting yourself on the back.


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