Monday, March 30, 2009


Oh my lord. I almost went to sleep. I was going to pack it in. But something wouldn't let me. I put on Tom Waits, and I poured myself another vodka, and I thought about things. And I realized, I didn't write the post I'd been meaning to this whole night..

Ok, I'll direct you to this link of more successful blogger, Hilzoy talking about this ridiculous post from Andrew Klavan of the L.A. Times, again I'm paraphrasing and you NEED to read this stupid shit, but Andrew apparently thinks that Liberals are critiquing poor Rush because we Haven't Been Listening to him. He throws down the intellectual integrity gauntlet. We, us poor uniformed liberals, must put ourselves through the Limbaugh listening experience before subjecting him to any sort of derision. 

Alright. Several people have mocked this column, but I am not so proud that I'm going to avoid fresh meat. Klavan, let me explain something to you. EVERYONE LISTENS TO LIMBAUGH. 

He is part of our cultural fabric. His fat carcass is woven into the very speech that forms the quilt of our social discourse. Not being aware of Limbaugh at this point is like being unaware that the sky is blue, the grass is green, or that you are a fucking moron. It is not possible that we could not know his arguments. When I watch the news I hear him. When a major newscaster misrepresents a major liberal policy position, Limbaugh is there; When a Republican Senator claims with out fear that the privileges of the rich outweigh the poor, Limbaugh is there; When I hear that some product produced by some profit seeking corporation is killing innocents and the corporation is MIRACULOUSLY not to blame, Limbaugh is there; When I hear that Reagan is the only Politician since that Dawn of Fucking Time that did Right or Mattered, Limbaugh is there; When I hear some right-wing hack blame the poor for their own tough fucking luck, Limbaugh is there; when I suffer through some idiots racial rant only to hear him at the end proclaim he is NOT racist, Limbaugh is there; when I here the poor defend the rich in desperate and confirmed hope they will one day be among their number, Limbaugh is there. WHENEVER I hear a Modern Conservative Commentator Spew HIS/HER HATEFUL VENOM TO MILLIONS ON THE FUCKING RADIO I KNOW, LIMBAUGH IS THERE! 

How dare you, Mr. Klavan, suggest I don't know the content of Mr. Limbaugh's show? Limbaugh is everywhere. He is the festering cancerous sore on the ass of America. He is America's Hemorrhoid. He is the voice of America's itching ass-hole. How are we NOT aware of him? How do we ignore him? How? Seriously, how. I would LOVE to ignore this poisonous, cancerous Fuck. Please, enlighten me, Mr. Klavan, apparently I haven't been listening. You fuck.


Fuck of the Week.

So, there's this guy, Adam Brodsky and I think he might be taking the place of my favorite Pet Hate. And Goddamn it, I can't find his column On-line either. Ok, this is a good one. I'll type the fucking thing out if I have to. 

The entire thrust of Adam's column is that Obama is snuffing out hope by waging war on the rich. 

"Think about it: In Obama World, what are we supposed to "hope" For? Certainly not vast riches."

First, how fucked is this guy that the only thing to hope for in life is vast riches. Sure, I wish I was rich, rich is better than poor. But barring being rich I would hope I would enjoy the life I have, with my splendid girlfriend, my good friends, my reasonable income, my good record collection and my vodka. Vast riches? Ok, nice, but not something most of us give up All hope for if we can't achieve it. Adam, your bankrupt soul is beginning to show.

He then goes on to a whiny and complicated defense of these banking fucks that wrecked the economy.  I Really Wish I had a link to this. Seriously, Post, your website sucks and I Love you guys.

Anyway, Adam, seriously, the ONLY thing the Right has going for it right now, is the faux-populist thing you guys appropriate when trying to ram bad fiscal policy on the poor rubes. Your colors are showing through. These Wall Street guys are crooked fucks. They almost brought down Western Civilization and it still may happen. Defending them isn't doing you or anyone on your side any good. Lie low and you can continue advocating ripping off the rubes when things are better. IF things get better. 

Adam goes on,  "consider Obama's claim this week that the economy 'only works if we recognize that we're all in this together,' with 'responsibilities to each other.' He seems to be saying the fruits of one's labor must go to help others. Or that there's no need to work hard; someone else will care for you. Gee, not that's Inspirational." 

Ok, now given that Adam just spent the last couple of paragraphs defending the bankers this Truly makes him a fuck. As far as I can tell the Bankers have been relying VERY HEAVILY on the GENEROSITY of the American Fucking Tax Payer, of which I am one. Here's a tip, Adam, when the bank has to bail you out to the tune of Trillions of dollars, you are NOT fucking successful, you have indeed failed on a Massive Fucking Level.

Not to mention, that I am under the impression that Conservatives are very big into the Jesus, and forgive me, but I believe Jesus was very in to helping his struggling comrades. Meek will inherit the earth and so forth. Commie crap like that.

"'Outsized rewards' motivate. They offer something to dream about. In trying to strike gold, Wall Streeters made bets that channeled capital to where it was demanded, even if they wound up with snake eyes and dragged the nation down with them."

I'm just realizing how indicative this column is of Everything that is wrong with Conservatism right now. Look at what this idiot is saying. It's OK that Wall St. dragged the entire US down, because they had the same dream I had, namely wanting to be rich. I embrace my fellow brothers because we had the same small pathetic dream, to be Rich by Whatever Means Necessary, and if countless millions have to suffer for our dreams, well, what can you say, those snake eyes, total bitch.

He then has a couple paragraphs about how teachers are making "six-figure salaries" and why shouldn't Wall Street investors make "big bucks" if they are willing to take "big risks." You know, I actually agree with this. I know he is overstating things a bit, but yes, high-stress jobs Should be rewarded with big pay. Obviously not everyone can do these jobs, so the people that can should be rewarded. I mean, we reward people that can run fast, or sing well, why not people who know how to make the economy better?

EXCEPT these people Didn't make the economy better. They fucking wrecked it. I don't know about you, Adam, but if I go to Vegas and put a Grand on 11-black and it comes up, well, I'd better get my 36 grand. If it lands on 6, I don't grab the dealer and go, "goddamn it, I have a dream and I bet big!" Jesus, you fuck, there is a Downside to gambling. Everyone that has ever set foot in Vegas knows this, along with everyone who hasn't, except perhaps you, Adam, and your lame ass Wall-Street-defending ilk.

"Obama says Wall Streeters should go to Arkansas; Arkansans should come to New York -- and see the grand opportunities that lie before them. That's How You Inspire Hope."

Ummmm.. I don't know where Adam grew up, I'm guessing Long Island. Let me explain to Adam how most people in America view NYC. They are scared of it. Their fear is in a large part due to Conservative Fucks like him playing up the crime and degradation to make cheap political arguments for years and years (you know, Like this cheap political argument he's making now). But beyond just maybe not being the sort of person that wants to leave friends and family to live in some shitty railroad apt on Bowery to make it BIG in NYC, Not everyone can Make It on Wall St. Jesus, you just can't. There are a limited amount of spots on the top. They don't go to the Best, they don't go to the Brightest. But being Best and Brightest certainly doesn't hurt. Most people don't have the guts, smarts or Ambition, or in the current climate the Criminal Instincts, to make it big on Wall St. THIS is the major flaw in Conservative thinking. They like to project the idea that if "you Just Work Hard Enough" you'll make it. Well, yeah, maybe. But some people have nothing to work with and that's just the fucking truth. 

Good for you, Adam, you have your little niche at the Post. I'm sure you're all interested in your portfolio and things are fine there. But you are a bankrupt, soulless excuse for a human and your column makes  me feel a little sad for you. But just a little. The rest of me is pretty sure you're a fuck and I hope I never see you in real life as we both enjoy this great city that can't possibly house every dreamer in Arkansas, let alone America. You fuck.


Are you Kidding Me!?

Ok, there will be a new Bill O'Reilly post soon, but I was just on the NY Post Website, trying to find a link to his column, and there, Right in the Column section like a festering sore, was a column by Ralph Peters. 

For those who don't know, Ralph is NY Post's war/foreign affairs editorialist. He is, in terms of the Post, one of the less insane columnists. I even agree with him a good two or three times a year. His last post is called, "Careless Use of U.S. Troops." Are you fucking kidding me?! Are you Fucking Kidding Me? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!   Are you completely mad? Without a trace of self-awareness?! Fuck YOu! Fuck YOU Fuck fuck fuck fuck YOU!

Ok.... that was not reasonable, that was not helpful. But seriously, fuck you Ralph Peters. I didn't read your post. I'm sure you have some sort of bullshit premise, and usually i do read your column. Maybe you didn't make up the headline, but something in the column clearly suggested it. I've been reading the Post for quite some time on a semi-regular basis. I don't recall BUSH ever being accused of wasting lives. Who do you think STARTED these bullshit wars? Who attacked Iraq for no Fucking Reason? Who dropped the Ball on Afganistan? Where exactly does the buck stop for you? Fuck you, man. Seriously, fuck you. Hope you can't sleep tonight, or ever really.

Ok, more reasonable post coming.


The Sky is so pretty

So, what color is the sky in Bill O'Reilly's world? 

Bill O. had a fascinating interview in Yahoo today. Now, I was going to go through that interview and point out what a self-deluded bulling fuck Bill O. is, but you can read it yourself. If you can't figure out the psychoness, ask me, I'll be happy to help you out. 

But, though I may highlight the interview later, I think I'll focus on Bill O. and his own words from last Friday's column in the NY Post. I don't have a link to this post, unfortunately, so I shouldn't even blog on it, particularly since I just screamed at Ralph Peters, without even reading his Post, but he upset me. But Ralph did say he was down with legalizing Mary-Jane the other day, so he's not ALL evil. Only mostly.

Anyway, Bill's last post in the NY Post was basically restating his belief that, and again, paraphrasing, Fox News and His Show are booming in the ratings because people are scared and they do not trust Obama and his "scary" socialist tactics. 

My response to this, and I really should be linking to things like posts questioning Bill's claim that Fox News ratings are booming. Maybe they are rising, booming is probably the wrong word. Or I could link to posts that Obama's personal approval ratings are Very High. These are easy enough things to find, if you poke around.

However, Bill, this is my theory why your ratings are climbing. You work at Fox, it is a Highly Partisian station, despite your attempts to paint it otherwise, despite your claims at being non-partisan, despite Fox's Ridiculous Fucking claim that they are Fair and Balanced. Your whole station is a fucking shill for the Republican Party. And you know, honestly it wouldn't bother me, except for the fact that y'all that work there work So Fucking Hard at pretending you don't have an agenda. 

Bill, if your ratings are going up, it's because you and people of your ilk (hello, Hannity! hello Limbaugh!) have spent the last decade scaring the pants off a certain segment of the population and now they are turning to your for mother's milk. There is a good quarter of the population that are staunch conservatives and they are now currently all terrified out of their fucking minds. A quarter of 350 million is a big ratings number, and they are all coming to you, Bill. You are their shepherd. Poor bastards. It is NOT an indication of more people believing your ridiculous bullshit, just the people already in your camp are watching more TV because They Scared. And you helped scare them. So, you know, don't break your arm patting yourself on the back.


Somebody gettin' capped

Ok, this happened a few days ago, but your fearless (and favorite) blogger has a common human affliction commonly known as the lazy.

Anyway, it's amazing to me how Quickly the prominent commentators and politicians on the Right have Lost their Fucking Minds over a Democratic administration.  Not only is it extremely annoying considering the wreckage of the last 8 years, but really, someone (i.e. Obama) is going to get shot. I remember watching the inauguration. I was physically afraid, I'm rarely so afraid in real life. I kept waiting, waiting to see the head snap back. Once he was through it, I relaxed. But lets face it, more and more, listening to these fucking people talk, I can't help thinking, they Want it to happen. 

Let's listen to Michelle Bachman. For those of you who are unaware, Ms. Bachman is one of the more unhinged members of congress. Extremely unhinged. Now, I'm going to paraphrase, but you should click on the link to get the full flavor of her comments. Basically she talks of Revolution (in terms of a Thomas Jefferson quote, of course. Umm.. He was fighting the Real Revolution, Michelle, and even that was probably unnecessary (i.e. Canada)). She also went on to say that she wanted her constituents to be "armed and dangerous" about the Energy Tax. 

Now, clearly, Michelle is speaking metaphorically about the energy tax, she wants her constituents "armed and dangerous" with information, wink wink, nudge nudge.

Seriously, this is an Elected Fucking Official telling her constituents in Minne-fucking-sota she wants them "armed and Dangerous"......  with information....... wink wink, nudge nudge. 

Now, before you say I'm overreacting, before you say the other StrayCat is off his rocker, consider this. What if Jack Murtha (corrupt fuck that he is, (god bless your service, sir)) had gone on Radio and said this sort of shit about the Dynamic Duo from only a few months ago, well, do we have ANY question of the reaction of Hannity, O'Reilly or Rush?  Christ. 


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Man of Steele..

I gain hope from Michael Steele. It makes me happy that a person this fucking dumb has become a major face of the Republican party. I mean, Joe the Plumber is basically a walking ridiculous, but he doesn't have an official position. 

However, he's so fucking dumb that picking on him is almost the equivalent of mocking the mentally challenged, and I am not cruel and without pity.  I'll link you to Steve Benan's recap. Ridiculous.


First Twitter Dump

Enjoy my 140 character or less ramblings.

In honor of the BOB today's groovy song is Mississippi. A new BOB classic some of you may not know.

New BOB! April 28! Thank you, God! And by god of course I mean...

Groovy song of the day: Get Me by Dinosaur, Jr.
10:55 AM Mar 25th

Go home evan bayh. And by home I mean hell.
9:55 PM Mar 24th from txt

Ooohhh, Eugene Roninson has fancy new glasses. Hipster, yet with gravitas.
9:44 PM Mar 24th from txt

Obama needs to quit giving press conferences on my trivia night. This was never a problem with W.
1:38 PM Mar 24th from txt

Just read that Penn Jillette was a guest on Glenn Beck. Disappointing. Penn can be wrong, but he's usually logical and he's a big pro-science guy. As for Beck...
6:53 AM Mar 21st from txt

The time has come to put Lou Dobbs out to pasture. Apparently now even St. Paddy's is just too 'ethnic.' Cripes.
2:19 PM Mar 18th from txt

Why, why, fucking WHY is Jon Stewart the best reporter on tv!?!?! Jesus. Doomed.
9:12 PM Mar 15th from txt

I scored 324/400 on The Progressive Quiz. Average score for the other monkeys, 209. This explains something. Not sure what.
7:17 AM Mar 12th from txt

Holy hell. How does Ari Fleisher live with himself? How? If I was Ari my walls would be colored brain. Smug jack ass.
8:46 PM Mar 11th from txt

The line at KFC is inversely proportionate to how hungry I am. Move fatties!
5:38 PM Mar 11th from txt

I figure if St. John McCain is hip enough for a twitter than so am I. Oh Jesus. We're doomed.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


So, a repeat of the Daily Show tonight. Bruce Springsteen is on. I love Bruce. If you don't, well, I won't say fuck you, but you are Wrong and you should take another listen. Tell me the type of music you like and I'll recommend the right album, Bruce is all things to all people.

Anyway, during his interview, he said an interesting thing. He said, "people drank a whole lot of their own kool-aid, that there was this sub-culture of people that basically brought down the country, and were in the position to do that, and everyone out there is footing the bill."

That is a perfect synopsis. This is why I STILL don't understand the media's reaction to this. After all of this that has gone on why are people like, say, Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, Bill O'Reilly, Jonah Golberg (some spelling may be misspelled) Why are they still given a platform?  
Again, over the last 30 years and Particularly the last 8 years, hard-core conservatism has been given a chance domestically, Neo-Conservatism has been given a chance internationally. They have failed. YOU, fuckers. YOU have failed. Let the grown-ups sit at the table and shut the fuck up.

Ok. Bruce is more eloquent. He's a song-writer, I'm a drunk. No apologies.


No Laughing Allowed

Back when I was a lad on my first office job I may have sent around an incredibly derogatory e-mail. I sent it to the entire company. Including the boss. It was a small company, which is the ONLY reason I was not fired, though apparently it was discussed.

Anyway, at the time I was a punk kid (Ok, still a punk kid) and I put a sign up in my cubical, "No Laughing Allowed." 

Were I of a more messianic frame of mind I could proclaim this a prophesy, as apparently, should Barack display any emotion other than stoicism he is clearly not taking the economy seriously.  

A little background for those of you who have been spending the last few weeks personally inspecting your large intestine. Obama has in the last few days been on both The Tonight Show and 60 Minutes.  And, during these interviews, he laughed.

If you've seen either of these interviews, and are a somewhat intelligent member of the human race, you would realize the laughs were in context and somewhat limited. But there are a great deal of people out there, most of them conservative followers and their brain-dead followers, find that Obama laughing is a proof of his Unseriousness. Seriously, even after 8 years of The Chimp.

I have to say during the Obama presidency my opinion of the Republican movement in this country (again, I say Republican not Conservative; Republican is now a religion, Conservatism is still a philosophy) has somewhat dropped (which I did not think possible, honestly). Obama, every time I've seen him, is out there trying to Explain what is going on to the people. Now, you can disagree with his policies, you can argue his actions, but Attacking him for having a little humor at being the Captain of the Titanic after the Last Captain (ummmm.. you know, DUBYA!) jumped ship..... well, go fuck yourself with a fork. 

I really don't know what to do or say. Obama is far from perfect, and despite all the hysterics He is NOT a fucking progressive, he's a moderate at best. But after years of Bush trying to work his drunken tongue over the mountain of any word beyond 5 or 6 letters... Well, I have to say, I'm still getting over the fact that the leader of the Whole Fucking Free World can Actually Speak in complete Fucking sentences. 


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Man, do I suck

Ok, I've not posted forever. Perhaps I am the lone source of news for some of you and you are now hopelessly and desperately adrift in this Brave New World. For that, I apologize, but I've been busy, and lazy, please forgive me.

That said, I have begun a Twitter account, because it is really about the most narcissistic thing you can do, and I'm all about that. My handle on the T is "anotherstraycat", ummm..., just like here. That was intentional. 

Anyway, Twitter makes you sign on to see other people's twitters and they ask for Some (nothing ridiculous, but some) personal information. So, I'll probably be posting my twitters here on a semi-regular basis so those of you that want to bask in my mundanity can without giving it up to the man. 

Egad. Doomed.


Monday, March 2, 2009

Easing back in...

Ok, this was easily my longest break since I started this thing. But let's see what I can do here. Let us start with something simple to get back on my blogging feet. 

I am sick of hearing Republicans blather about how the market needs to be deregulated, Unions are bad, and how the New Deal didn't really work.

Anyway, how those three things are related is this; nobody Wanted to do these things. If employers weren't greedy assholes there would be no unions. Most people do not have grievances when they are, you know, being treated Fairly. Same with Regulation. Regulations, particularly those governing how much money people can make, do not come from fucking nowhere. Back in the late teens of the 20th century there was this little thing called the Great Depression. Basically the same sort of greedy assholes that are trying so hard to wreck us now wrecked us then. Those Regulations went into place to stop similar disasters from occurring in the future. In the early part of This century, Sarbanes-Oxley was drafted AFTER all those corporate scandals of the 90s. Would've been nice if we had something like that Before the disaster, but that's how it works. 

However, the thing is Republicans always act like this stuff happens in a vacuum. Like a) there was no reason for it, and b) that there weren't Conservative-thinking people through all stages of history doing their best to stand in the way and water down these things. (Speaking of which, Sarbanes-Oxley was passed in 2002, so Kudos Republicans! I wonder how effective it is. Hmm....) Sure, there's the argument that the New Deal wasn't especially effective. However, there is also the argument, and in my mind a more credible one, that the New Deal would've been MORE effective if the conservatives of the time shut the fuck up about Tax Cuts and let it go through.