Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ha. That is so funny. No really.

So, and I'm not going to provide links, which I like to do, but every so often you hear a conservative commentator Whining about the Daily Show saying they are bowing down to Obama. Well, this little clip  I think should disabuse that notion. 

The fact is that the Daily Show is Very Hard on Obama, not as hard as it was on Bush, perhaps, but that is not the Daily Show's fault. You see, Bush was a greater font of political mockery than Obama could ever be. In laymen's terms, Bush was a bumbling, at best dyslexic, at worst semi-retarded, Fuck; Obama is just a narcissist who thinks he can heal the world. Which is to say, a potential good President.

But the fact is, the Daily Show is unabashedly liberal, but they are fair. And they are consistently funny over all the years I've watched them. And why they are funny is this; they, for the most part, speak truth to power. It is cliche, but it is true.

A couple years ago, Fox "News" tried to have their own Daily Show. It was called the Half-Hour News Hour. Aside from ripping off their title from HBO's Half-Hour Comedy Hour, it was a rip-roaring failure. Why? Because they Had An Agenda. Now, you can have Beliefs and be funny. I even believe you can have Conservative beliefs and be funny (see P.J. O'Rourke's early books). But you can't be shilling for a political party and be funny. Why?

Because humor has to be true. It is the truest of entertainment. Laughter is a visceral reaction and it either happens or it doesn't. There is a reason why the best humor always bubbles up from the under-classes. There is a reason why when you are an outsider watching the MC at a black-tie event, you NEVER Laugh......

So, you know what, you Conservative commentators. Fuck you. The Daily Show is what it was and hopefully will continue to be, a giant middle finger at the establishment, a lone voice laughing in the darkness. And I don't care if Jon Stewart is a million are. We are taking your advertising dollars and actually spending them on FREE speech. So fuck off and make your little Lewinsky jokes. We, the People, have moved on...       Well, Most of us.


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