Thursday, March 26, 2009

First Twitter Dump

Enjoy my 140 character or less ramblings.

In honor of the BOB today's groovy song is Mississippi. A new BOB classic some of you may not know.

New BOB! April 28! Thank you, God! And by god of course I mean...

Groovy song of the day: Get Me by Dinosaur, Jr.
10:55 AM Mar 25th

Go home evan bayh. And by home I mean hell.
9:55 PM Mar 24th from txt

Ooohhh, Eugene Roninson has fancy new glasses. Hipster, yet with gravitas.
9:44 PM Mar 24th from txt

Obama needs to quit giving press conferences on my trivia night. This was never a problem with W.
1:38 PM Mar 24th from txt

Just read that Penn Jillette was a guest on Glenn Beck. Disappointing. Penn can be wrong, but he's usually logical and he's a big pro-science guy. As for Beck...
6:53 AM Mar 21st from txt

The time has come to put Lou Dobbs out to pasture. Apparently now even St. Paddy's is just too 'ethnic.' Cripes.
2:19 PM Mar 18th from txt

Why, why, fucking WHY is Jon Stewart the best reporter on tv!?!?! Jesus. Doomed.
9:12 PM Mar 15th from txt

I scored 324/400 on The Progressive Quiz. Average score for the other monkeys, 209. This explains something. Not sure what.
7:17 AM Mar 12th from txt

Holy hell. How does Ari Fleisher live with himself? How? If I was Ari my walls would be colored brain. Smug jack ass.
8:46 PM Mar 11th from txt

The line at KFC is inversely proportionate to how hungry I am. Move fatties!
5:38 PM Mar 11th from txt

I figure if St. John McCain is hip enough for a twitter than so am I. Oh Jesus. We're doomed.

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