Monday, February 16, 2009

More Movies!

Ok. so, read the previous post, but the conservobots at the National Review put out a list of the 25 Most Conservative Movies and it was ridiculous when it wasn't being actively offensive. So, let me tackle a couple more of these...

#20 Gattaca, #22 Brazil - These are movies of Government control gone out of control. So I can see true-blue Republicans (like the NRO) watching these movies and feeling vindicated in their ridiculous policy positions. The government is taking over! It is funneling people into the roles they deem the best! Except, again!, the actions of Conservobots have not born out this belief in 'live free or die'. 

Again, had America, despite all its finger-sticking in the various Pies that are the Middle East, somehow escaped International Terrorism, maybe the Republicans could have remained true to their values. However, as soon as those four fateful planes met their respective destinations the collective pants pissing occurred and the Republicans proved themselves willing to submit to any fascist measures necessary to Keep Us Safe. You have lost all credibility in this area, fuck off. 

Also, both movies deal with Government Gone Wild (the lame version of GGW) however the past Administration is in extreme Trouble for Politicizing, well, everything and the Continual Spying on Americans..... well, that's Fascism, you fucks.



One of the things that has always fascinated me about the current conservative movement is what they Actually believe about themselves and how they Actually act.

Anyway, in a surprisingly revealing example, the National Review put out a list of the 25 Most Conservative Movies. Or maybe it isn't that surviving. To take a page out of High Fidelity (best movie ever) there is something about the music, movies and books you choose as your favorite that exposes a lot about you. Or, in this case, what you think about your political movement. 

Let's look at a few of these movies:

#2 - The Incredibles
It promotes 'family values' over 'pop-culture references and gross jokes in favor of a story that celebrates marriage, courage, and responsibility". I do believe, of all the movies on this Ridiculous fucking list, this is the one that pisses me off the most. Yes, Liberals have cornered the market on Gross Jokes. Like all those liberals filling the stadiums of Larry the Cable Guy. Now, I actually kind of enjoy Larry and I enjoy Gross Jokes, but claiming that 'Gross Jokes' has a hold over one political party over another is, well, fucking dumb. But, what I am sick of Republicans staking claim over family values, courage and Responsibility. Liberals love their children. People LOVE their children. Liberals are people. Quit co-opting and devaluing family values you fucks. I love my family and i HATE you people. Fuck you. 

Second. I have never seen a group of people collectively piss their pants after 9-11 like the Conservatives. Let's see, which party wants to give up on every standard this country has every had and hold dear. the US does Not Tortue. The US does Not Spy on it's Citizens. The US does NOT fucking hold people Indefinitely! We do NOT do these things. But apparently when Conservatives Piss their Pants over a Terror attack, well, who knows what they'll do. Lock your doors, liberals. The next time the Conservos piss their pants they might be aiming for your toilet.

Third. Responsibility? When you get a party that takes running the Government Seriously, come talk to me. Otherwise, fuck off. And no, after the last 8 years there is nothing you can say to convince me you take governing seriously. You are the party of Ronald "Government-is-the-problem" Reagan. And you take that role very seriously. You will not govern responsibly for Anyone. Not even your Constituents. Now, that does take some commitment. I'll give you commitment. 


The mojo`

Ok, so I have not been blogging much lately, this is due to three reasons:

1) My blog is non-essential. I am not fooling myself about this. I have nothing truly unique to say and you should really be reading smarter bloggers.

2) I've been drinking away from my couch more lately. 

3) The main reason is that I've been having this massive sense of ennui lately. I mean more massive than usual. But I think it's over. My main problems are a) that the main news story has been the stimulus bill and even though I'm in favor of it, I'm really not an economic expert and therefore don't feel quite as comfortable shooting off as I do about other topics.

But, the more important reason b) I have actually been having a bit of a moral crisis. Am I helping here? I've been reading the blog comments at websites lately. (I feel I've posted about this before, bear with me. I'm not going anywhere with this, but I guarantee the payoff will probably not be rewarding.) Basically, these website comments are a bunch of talentless (which is saying something) Bill O'Reillys screaming about Liberal and/or Conservative bias. The language is exactly the same, left and right.  Nobody is listening to anybody. So, Am I Contributing Anything of Value? That was never really my intention, but still, it would be nice. 

Then, much like St. John, I had this Revelation. My Revelation is this, just because the Conservative factions out there co-opt the language of victimization does NOT mean they are Victims. These are the people that deny global warming. These are the people that pissed their pants after 9-11 and whole-heartedly allowed for free-for-all torture and wire-tapping. These are the people that think 'Barack the Magic Negro' is not offensive. These are the people that listen to Rush Fucking Limbaugh. These are the people that are extending the 'career' of Joe The Plumber!

Basically, I am not the crazy one here. You might sound like me, but I'm Right and You're Wrong. And that's the way it is. Fucking sorry. 

Alright, on to other stuff.


Saturday, February 7, 2009

Get 'er dun.

So, for the last Two years the Democrats have been 'in charge' of the Senate, and it has done jack shit. This is a point that the Right never gets tired of pointing out. I know this because a while ago listeners of various news agencies gave a little political quiz and "Which Party controls congress?" was about the ONLY question that the Fox viewers/dittoheads knew the correct answer to. 

Annnnyyyyway, I make this point only to make another point. The reason why Democrats can't get anything does is because of Republicans. That's the Reason. (Well, that and the Democrats tend to be pussies, but I've addressed that in previous posts, I believe.) Now, why is this? Because the Republicans are a much more cohesive unit. They do not tolerate dissent.

During the six long years the Republicans held sway they voted virtually in lockstep. And when there were a few token dissents from the Bush Position you could always find a few Blue Dogs like the Distinguished Fuck from Nebraska, Bill Nelson or the ever mercurial Joe Liberman to tip the balance in the Republicans favor. 

The Democrats are putting out this Stimulus Bill which now has 42% tax cuts and the Republicans are STILL whining that it's not Bi-partisan enough. (Steve Benen, as usual, has two good posts about this, with far less profanity.) (PS - Republicans LOVE them some tax cuts, so you know, 42% of a trillion in tax cuts, not too shabby.)

Most serious economists think Tax Cuts are a very ineffective way to provide stimulus. And just looking at the past 8 years, if they were effective then things should be fucking Rosy right now.  And yet, to repeat, 42%, damn near HALF, of this thing is Tax Cuts and you STILL can only get 3 Republican senators to roll on their party. 

Further more, Michelle Malkin the other day was already calling for heads, before the vote even fucking occurs. (Ok, so ALL Malkin's posts are crazy, I just picked one at random. But a quick visit to her site confirms that she is just NOT happy with this bill.) I also might point out that Malkin is a bit of a Low Level crazy of the Right, imagine the war the Dittoheads are waging.

The point being, this is the mentality Democrats have to fight against. A wicked minority base that doesn't understand basic economics but can work a phone and scream against their own best interests. 

For contrast consider how the Democrats treated Joe Lieberman. During the election Joe endorsed John McCain, actively campaigned against Obama, went on stage during the RNC and lambasted Obama, and he went on the TV and said it was a good and fair question to ask if Obama was a terrorist-loving terrorist. And we all know what the Democrats did to Lieberman. NOTHING. Made him sweat for a couple days, then gave him a big sloppy hummer and his gavel back. If Lieberman pulled that shit on the Republicans he'd be hanging from his scrotum from the ceiling of a Gitmo cell. 


Friday, February 6, 2009

It's bad.

Ok, so the Republicans are playing politics. I don't know if they are insane, ignorant, or assholes. I think they are probably all three. However, and I'm not going to link to places, but they aren't hard to find they do have a couple of common anti-stimulus arguments. One of them, if you look around you'll see Republicans arguing that well, you know, we're in a recession but what about these other recessions? 1990? 2001? We didn't need a Billion stimulus then, we'll be fine!

Well, take a look at this chart. We're the green line. That's the one doing the Titanic impersonation.  Basically, we are really fucked if something is not done soon. We're probably fucked anyway, but let's all be positive. Like, maybe a meteorite will strike the senate chamber and only kill the Republicans and we can get this fucking thing passed. Yep.


Monday, February 2, 2009

The Liberal Media

So, occasionally I agree with Bill O'Reilly, you know, just because he says something so ridiculously populist that the average person would go, "really? Oil Companies are greedy? DOOO go on, Bill." Of course, I forget that his audience is mostly fucking morons and masochistic liberals.

Anyway, two weeks ago in his weekly NY Post column, he dropped this Beauty. Basically, the thrust of the article is that the Newspaper industry is collapsing because It's Too Liberal!  Of course! It all makes sense. 

The Newspaper Industry is collapsing because occasionally it expresses 'opinions' that Bill disagrees with. It has nothing to do with the fact that a) the economy is collapsing in general; b) media is undergoing fundamental changes that have been going on for years and are finally coming to a head; and in a nod to Bill's real influence, c) Right-Wing Hacks have been trying for YEARS to completely undermine the media.

This is the true legacy of assholes like Bill O'Reilly and his troll-like pill-scarfing granddaddy Rush Limbaugh. They have been calling the media useless and untrustworthy for years and years. And it's finally starting to stick. 

Now, I don't want to give them too much credit, but the media plays a large and incredibly important role in Democratic society. Ideally the Media stands up to the Government and lets the People know what the FUCK is GOING ON. 

Spending the last however many years reading media criticism there is a huge difference between Left criticism and Right ummm... 'criticism'.  The basic difference is this, the Left recognizes the value of the press, they just wish that the Press would, you know, do their job, get the facts right and not give politicians a free pass for being idiots and whores just because they're personable (Hello, W!).  People on the Right shout bias when something occurs they don't agree with and spend the rest of the time destroying the credibility of any press organization that does not cling tightly to their ideological views. 

Now, this is a bit simplistic synopsis, but it's largely accurate. The Right by-and-large has about as much respect for the Press as they do for the Government. Both of these organizations exist for a reason, primarily because, despite the problems they can cause, life is better With them than Without them. People like Rush and Bill do not seem to grasp this and in a traditional lack of Irony they do not even seem to understand that they ARE the press. God help us that there are Journalism students out there right now that may be looking up to these fools. 



Ok, so careful observers will notice there are some changes and we'll see just how many people are (not?) reading my drivel. 

So, I added a follower thing, for those of you wishing to become disciples.

Likely more important I added an RSS feed. Basically this alerts you when I post, so you know, when I don't post for a week people aren't checking every day.

And I got a counter at the bottom. Can't wait to watch the numbers fly! Of course, if the numbers do not fly I may delete it. That would just be depressing.

Ok. Now. I swear. O'Reilly.

My lack of posts

Well, loyal fans, I have not blogged for over a week. And I had something really nasty to say about Bill O'Reilly, but more about that later.

I admit. I lost hope, I lost my sense of humor. These are things I should not do, I mean, this is the Age of Hope and, well, lose your humor and you may as well make a date with a .44 shell.

But it is amazing to me how little the Republican Party has changed after the consecutive 2006/08 pummelings. There are NO prominent signs of actual introspection. I mean, in one way it is good because they will die the slow, painful death of any political party that refuses to change with the times. Now, I'm not talking about Coulter, Limbaugh, Malkin. No, these fools make their money saying stupid, outrageous things and, honestly, to maintain their lifestyles they'd be damn fools to stop. I mean, whether they believe their own shit or not.

NO, I'm talking about elected officials. People who's very livelihood requires actually appealing to people. Now, when times are good these fools are more annoying than dangerous. But when times ARE tough it is exactly the reverse. 

These people ARE dangerous. They have no idea how to govern and they have no interest in governing and they have been stirring up 'the silent majority' for so many years against straw-men, like the media and hippies, for so fucking long that they can't even tell the difference between their own election rhetoric and their JOBS. YOU WERE ELECTED TO HELP YOU FUCKING FUCKS!!! SO HELP OR GO THE FUCK HOME! Seriously, fuck 'em all.

Ok. Humor back. On to O'Reilly.