Monday, March 30, 2009

Fuck of the Week.

So, there's this guy, Adam Brodsky and I think he might be taking the place of my favorite Pet Hate. And Goddamn it, I can't find his column On-line either. Ok, this is a good one. I'll type the fucking thing out if I have to. 

The entire thrust of Adam's column is that Obama is snuffing out hope by waging war on the rich. 

"Think about it: In Obama World, what are we supposed to "hope" For? Certainly not vast riches."

First, how fucked is this guy that the only thing to hope for in life is vast riches. Sure, I wish I was rich, rich is better than poor. But barring being rich I would hope I would enjoy the life I have, with my splendid girlfriend, my good friends, my reasonable income, my good record collection and my vodka. Vast riches? Ok, nice, but not something most of us give up All hope for if we can't achieve it. Adam, your bankrupt soul is beginning to show.

He then goes on to a whiny and complicated defense of these banking fucks that wrecked the economy.  I Really Wish I had a link to this. Seriously, Post, your website sucks and I Love you guys.

Anyway, Adam, seriously, the ONLY thing the Right has going for it right now, is the faux-populist thing you guys appropriate when trying to ram bad fiscal policy on the poor rubes. Your colors are showing through. These Wall Street guys are crooked fucks. They almost brought down Western Civilization and it still may happen. Defending them isn't doing you or anyone on your side any good. Lie low and you can continue advocating ripping off the rubes when things are better. IF things get better. 

Adam goes on,  "consider Obama's claim this week that the economy 'only works if we recognize that we're all in this together,' with 'responsibilities to each other.' He seems to be saying the fruits of one's labor must go to help others. Or that there's no need to work hard; someone else will care for you. Gee, not that's Inspirational." 

Ok, now given that Adam just spent the last couple of paragraphs defending the bankers this Truly makes him a fuck. As far as I can tell the Bankers have been relying VERY HEAVILY on the GENEROSITY of the American Fucking Tax Payer, of which I am one. Here's a tip, Adam, when the bank has to bail you out to the tune of Trillions of dollars, you are NOT fucking successful, you have indeed failed on a Massive Fucking Level.

Not to mention, that I am under the impression that Conservatives are very big into the Jesus, and forgive me, but I believe Jesus was very in to helping his struggling comrades. Meek will inherit the earth and so forth. Commie crap like that.

"'Outsized rewards' motivate. They offer something to dream about. In trying to strike gold, Wall Streeters made bets that channeled capital to where it was demanded, even if they wound up with snake eyes and dragged the nation down with them."

I'm just realizing how indicative this column is of Everything that is wrong with Conservatism right now. Look at what this idiot is saying. It's OK that Wall St. dragged the entire US down, because they had the same dream I had, namely wanting to be rich. I embrace my fellow brothers because we had the same small pathetic dream, to be Rich by Whatever Means Necessary, and if countless millions have to suffer for our dreams, well, what can you say, those snake eyes, total bitch.

He then has a couple paragraphs about how teachers are making "six-figure salaries" and why shouldn't Wall Street investors make "big bucks" if they are willing to take "big risks." You know, I actually agree with this. I know he is overstating things a bit, but yes, high-stress jobs Should be rewarded with big pay. Obviously not everyone can do these jobs, so the people that can should be rewarded. I mean, we reward people that can run fast, or sing well, why not people who know how to make the economy better?

EXCEPT these people Didn't make the economy better. They fucking wrecked it. I don't know about you, Adam, but if I go to Vegas and put a Grand on 11-black and it comes up, well, I'd better get my 36 grand. If it lands on 6, I don't grab the dealer and go, "goddamn it, I have a dream and I bet big!" Jesus, you fuck, there is a Downside to gambling. Everyone that has ever set foot in Vegas knows this, along with everyone who hasn't, except perhaps you, Adam, and your lame ass Wall-Street-defending ilk.

"Obama says Wall Streeters should go to Arkansas; Arkansans should come to New York -- and see the grand opportunities that lie before them. That's How You Inspire Hope."

Ummmm.. I don't know where Adam grew up, I'm guessing Long Island. Let me explain to Adam how most people in America view NYC. They are scared of it. Their fear is in a large part due to Conservative Fucks like him playing up the crime and degradation to make cheap political arguments for years and years (you know, Like this cheap political argument he's making now). But beyond just maybe not being the sort of person that wants to leave friends and family to live in some shitty railroad apt on Bowery to make it BIG in NYC, Not everyone can Make It on Wall St. Jesus, you just can't. There are a limited amount of spots on the top. They don't go to the Best, they don't go to the Brightest. But being Best and Brightest certainly doesn't hurt. Most people don't have the guts, smarts or Ambition, or in the current climate the Criminal Instincts, to make it big on Wall St. THIS is the major flaw in Conservative thinking. They like to project the idea that if "you Just Work Hard Enough" you'll make it. Well, yeah, maybe. But some people have nothing to work with and that's just the fucking truth. 

Good for you, Adam, you have your little niche at the Post. I'm sure you're all interested in your portfolio and things are fine there. But you are a bankrupt, soulless excuse for a human and your column makes  me feel a little sad for you. But just a little. The rest of me is pretty sure you're a fuck and I hope I never see you in real life as we both enjoy this great city that can't possibly house every dreamer in Arkansas, let alone America. You fuck.


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