Monday, March 30, 2009

Are you Kidding Me!?

Ok, there will be a new Bill O'Reilly post soon, but I was just on the NY Post Website, trying to find a link to his column, and there, Right in the Column section like a festering sore, was a column by Ralph Peters. 

For those who don't know, Ralph is NY Post's war/foreign affairs editorialist. He is, in terms of the Post, one of the less insane columnists. I even agree with him a good two or three times a year. His last post is called, "Careless Use of U.S. Troops." Are you fucking kidding me?! Are you Fucking Kidding Me? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!   Are you completely mad? Without a trace of self-awareness?! Fuck YOu! Fuck YOU Fuck fuck fuck fuck YOU!

Ok.... that was not reasonable, that was not helpful. But seriously, fuck you Ralph Peters. I didn't read your post. I'm sure you have some sort of bullshit premise, and usually i do read your column. Maybe you didn't make up the headline, but something in the column clearly suggested it. I've been reading the Post for quite some time on a semi-regular basis. I don't recall BUSH ever being accused of wasting lives. Who do you think STARTED these bullshit wars? Who attacked Iraq for no Fucking Reason? Who dropped the Ball on Afganistan? Where exactly does the buck stop for you? Fuck you, man. Seriously, fuck you. Hope you can't sleep tonight, or ever really.

Ok, more reasonable post coming.


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