Tuesday, March 24, 2009

No Laughing Allowed

Back when I was a lad on my first office job I may have sent around an incredibly derogatory e-mail. I sent it to the entire company. Including the boss. It was a small company, which is the ONLY reason I was not fired, though apparently it was discussed.

Anyway, at the time I was a punk kid (Ok, still a punk kid) and I put a sign up in my cubical, "No Laughing Allowed." 

Were I of a more messianic frame of mind I could proclaim this a prophesy, as apparently, should Barack display any emotion other than stoicism he is clearly not taking the economy seriously.  

A little background for those of you who have been spending the last few weeks personally inspecting your large intestine. Obama has in the last few days been on both The Tonight Show and 60 Minutes.  And, during these interviews, he laughed.

If you've seen either of these interviews, and are a somewhat intelligent member of the human race, you would realize the laughs were in context and somewhat limited. But there are a great deal of people out there, most of them conservative followers and their brain-dead followers, find that Obama laughing is a proof of his Unseriousness. Seriously, even after 8 years of The Chimp.

I have to say during the Obama presidency my opinion of the Republican movement in this country (again, I say Republican not Conservative; Republican is now a religion, Conservatism is still a philosophy) has somewhat dropped (which I did not think possible, honestly). Obama, every time I've seen him, is out there trying to Explain what is going on to the people. Now, you can disagree with his policies, you can argue his actions, but Attacking him for having a little humor at being the Captain of the Titanic after the Last Captain (ummmm.. you know, DUBYA!) jumped ship..... well, go fuck yourself with a fork. 

I really don't know what to do or say. Obama is far from perfect, and despite all the hysterics He is NOT a fucking progressive, he's a moderate at best. But after years of Bush trying to work his drunken tongue over the mountain of any word beyond 5 or 6 letters... Well, I have to say, I'm still getting over the fact that the leader of the Whole Fucking Free World can Actually Speak in complete Fucking sentences. 


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