Sunday, March 15, 2009

Man, do I suck

Ok, I've not posted forever. Perhaps I am the lone source of news for some of you and you are now hopelessly and desperately adrift in this Brave New World. For that, I apologize, but I've been busy, and lazy, please forgive me.

That said, I have begun a Twitter account, because it is really about the most narcissistic thing you can do, and I'm all about that. My handle on the T is "anotherstraycat", ummm..., just like here. That was intentional. 

Anyway, Twitter makes you sign on to see other people's twitters and they ask for Some (nothing ridiculous, but some) personal information. So, I'll probably be posting my twitters here on a semi-regular basis so those of you that want to bask in my mundanity can without giving it up to the man. 

Egad. Doomed.


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