Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Sixth (and Seventh) Sense

So, I feel a little sorry for some of these people trying to work their way through modern society without a sense of humor or, possibly more importantly, a sense of Irony. How do you make it through modern society without understanding Irony? 

(Shit. I was going to write about Bill O'Reilly, but I realize that intro really works better with this other thing, so I'll do that.)

Anyway, once again, Steve Bennen is on top of the modern world's new great irony ignorer, Karl Rove. But really Karl is just a part of the problem with current conservative commentary.

Now, a lot of this is revealed by how all the current Republican Senators and congresspersons and such are disavowing the Bush Administration. They have been relegated to the Political Wilderness for Abandoning Their Principles. Egad. The Horror..... The Horror....

So, for those not keeping track, Republicans putting a political spin on the White House (and really everything) fine. Democrats, Worst Thing Ever.

Running up a deficit, Republicans, that's fine (You know, when you're in power it's just So Hard to not "abandon your principles"); Democrats (even if largely to clean up the previous mess), bad.

Former Republican V.P. Criticizing the current administration in all sorts of heinous ways, Including, "making the country less safe". Well, that's A-Ok. CURRENT V.P. pushing back at his, quite possibly insane (judgement call) predecessor, Sacrilegious and unprecedented.

Ok, does everyone understand how this works now? I assure you there is a pattern. Thanks, Karl. You fuck.


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