Monday, February 16, 2009


One of the things that has always fascinated me about the current conservative movement is what they Actually believe about themselves and how they Actually act.

Anyway, in a surprisingly revealing example, the National Review put out a list of the 25 Most Conservative Movies. Or maybe it isn't that surviving. To take a page out of High Fidelity (best movie ever) there is something about the music, movies and books you choose as your favorite that exposes a lot about you. Or, in this case, what you think about your political movement. 

Let's look at a few of these movies:

#2 - The Incredibles
It promotes 'family values' over 'pop-culture references and gross jokes in favor of a story that celebrates marriage, courage, and responsibility". I do believe, of all the movies on this Ridiculous fucking list, this is the one that pisses me off the most. Yes, Liberals have cornered the market on Gross Jokes. Like all those liberals filling the stadiums of Larry the Cable Guy. Now, I actually kind of enjoy Larry and I enjoy Gross Jokes, but claiming that 'Gross Jokes' has a hold over one political party over another is, well, fucking dumb. But, what I am sick of Republicans staking claim over family values, courage and Responsibility. Liberals love their children. People LOVE their children. Liberals are people. Quit co-opting and devaluing family values you fucks. I love my family and i HATE you people. Fuck you. 

Second. I have never seen a group of people collectively piss their pants after 9-11 like the Conservatives. Let's see, which party wants to give up on every standard this country has every had and hold dear. the US does Not Tortue. The US does Not Spy on it's Citizens. The US does NOT fucking hold people Indefinitely! We do NOT do these things. But apparently when Conservatives Piss their Pants over a Terror attack, well, who knows what they'll do. Lock your doors, liberals. The next time the Conservos piss their pants they might be aiming for your toilet.

Third. Responsibility? When you get a party that takes running the Government Seriously, come talk to me. Otherwise, fuck off. And no, after the last 8 years there is nothing you can say to convince me you take governing seriously. You are the party of Ronald "Government-is-the-problem" Reagan. And you take that role very seriously. You will not govern responsibly for Anyone. Not even your Constituents. Now, that does take some commitment. I'll give you commitment. 


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