Monday, February 16, 2009

The mojo`

Ok, so I have not been blogging much lately, this is due to three reasons:

1) My blog is non-essential. I am not fooling myself about this. I have nothing truly unique to say and you should really be reading smarter bloggers.

2) I've been drinking away from my couch more lately. 

3) The main reason is that I've been having this massive sense of ennui lately. I mean more massive than usual. But I think it's over. My main problems are a) that the main news story has been the stimulus bill and even though I'm in favor of it, I'm really not an economic expert and therefore don't feel quite as comfortable shooting off as I do about other topics.

But, the more important reason b) I have actually been having a bit of a moral crisis. Am I helping here? I've been reading the blog comments at websites lately. (I feel I've posted about this before, bear with me. I'm not going anywhere with this, but I guarantee the payoff will probably not be rewarding.) Basically, these website comments are a bunch of talentless (which is saying something) Bill O'Reillys screaming about Liberal and/or Conservative bias. The language is exactly the same, left and right.  Nobody is listening to anybody. So, Am I Contributing Anything of Value? That was never really my intention, but still, it would be nice. 

Then, much like St. John, I had this Revelation. My Revelation is this, just because the Conservative factions out there co-opt the language of victimization does NOT mean they are Victims. These are the people that deny global warming. These are the people that pissed their pants after 9-11 and whole-heartedly allowed for free-for-all torture and wire-tapping. These are the people that think 'Barack the Magic Negro' is not offensive. These are the people that listen to Rush Fucking Limbaugh. These are the people that are extending the 'career' of Joe The Plumber!

Basically, I am not the crazy one here. You might sound like me, but I'm Right and You're Wrong. And that's the way it is. Fucking sorry. 

Alright, on to other stuff.


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