Monday, February 16, 2009

More Movies!

Ok. so, read the previous post, but the conservobots at the National Review put out a list of the 25 Most Conservative Movies and it was ridiculous when it wasn't being actively offensive. So, let me tackle a couple more of these...

#20 Gattaca, #22 Brazil - These are movies of Government control gone out of control. So I can see true-blue Republicans (like the NRO) watching these movies and feeling vindicated in their ridiculous policy positions. The government is taking over! It is funneling people into the roles they deem the best! Except, again!, the actions of Conservobots have not born out this belief in 'live free or die'. 

Again, had America, despite all its finger-sticking in the various Pies that are the Middle East, somehow escaped International Terrorism, maybe the Republicans could have remained true to their values. However, as soon as those four fateful planes met their respective destinations the collective pants pissing occurred and the Republicans proved themselves willing to submit to any fascist measures necessary to Keep Us Safe. You have lost all credibility in this area, fuck off. 

Also, both movies deal with Government Gone Wild (the lame version of GGW) however the past Administration is in extreme Trouble for Politicizing, well, everything and the Continual Spying on Americans..... well, that's Fascism, you fucks.


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