Monday, July 27, 2009

Living on a Prayer

So, I've been dropping by on occasion these days. It's awesome, the comments particularly are deliciously delusional.

Now, I know you should never say never, and I'm not exactly saying Never, but I do think Sarah has permanently screwed herself here, at least if she's thinking she'd look good in the Oval Office. I know that nothing will shake the belief of her ardent supporters (see the aforementioned comments), but the fact is Sarah came off looking like an idiot in the campaign and it wasn't because of the 'liberal' media. The fact is the entire Republican Machine was blocking for her during the campaign. I have to say anyone that thinks she could make it through a Republican Primary is, well, not delusional, but they are certainly thinking wishfully. Remember, these are people (cough, cough, Rove) who suggested that McCain's adopted African child was really a bi-racial love child he had with... one of his slaves?

The point being that during a national campaign, you can list something as stupid as being able to see Russia from Alaska as a foreign policy credential and no one but SNL will call you out on it. You say something like that on stage at a Republican Primary, well, forget it. You're done. Those guys are sharks, and Sarah, despite the furor of her followers, just does not pull that much water. And Sarah doesn't even have to say anything More, the Katie Couric interviews (again, I'm sorry, very soft) would give any political spinmeister worth a goddamn more than enough material.

The other day David Axelrod stated that he doesn't think about Palin and her future. I suspect because he knows she's done, whether she wants to be or not. Of course, her followers would never accept that, they think she's still going to hand Obama his ass in 2012, but that's what followers are for.


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